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    • 【国旗下演讲】Keep Civilized Manners, Start from me.—701班

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      Keep Civilized Manners, 

          Start from me.

      by Hobert&Sunny

          Civilization is a kind of quality and a kind of self-cultivation. And it is presented in the smiles when people meet, in the warm help that you offer to your classmates when they have troubles, in the apologies people make for their careless bump, in the behavior of throwing litter into the dustbin consciously, and in the behavior of stopping others splitting on the ground.

         It is not easy to insist in being a civilized student with model words and actions. Some students talk loudly in the teaching building, and some chase each other  in the classroom, which are inadvisable. We are at the most important stage of growth in our life now. And civilized manners help us to improve our self-accomplishment and to enhance our moral quality. Being civilized makes us possess the most precious spiritual wealth.

         Dear students, let us start from ourselves, let civilized manners no longer be a simple concept but the conscious behavior of every maple leafer! Let civilized manners no longer be the constraints but a kind of internal happiness! Let us hand in hand to build a harmonious and civilized campus and compete to be civilized maple leafers!